• Acquisition of Seed and Growth Capital

The medical technology industry is considered as one of the most important drivers of innovation in the German economy. The reduction of the time to market is the key to the competitiveness and marketability of new product ideas. Therefore Medical Valley Solutions accompanies the business plan creation and gives extensive advice on funding and financing options. In Germany alone we have access to more than 60 healthcare related financing opportunities for all investment stages to foster your business.

Since 2020 we provide a unique opportunity for meaningful investments in medical breakthrough ventures: the 10x Health Investment Club. Not only can members of the 10x Health Investment Club invest pre-IPO in the champions of tomorrow and benefit from the greatest growth phase, but they have an insight into Europe’s most exciting investment cases in the health sector before all other investors.

For investors:


For startups with a clear digital health focus:

If you want to enter the 10x Health Investment Club funnel please apply within the following link: www.10xhealth.club/apply-now

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Dr. Martin Reimer

Dr. Martin Reimer

Managing Director