• Ecosystem Development

The Medical Valley cluster is considered as Germany’s model region for optimal healthcare services. Since 2003 extensive efforts have been made to set up a joint strategy of all Medical Valley members to develop products and services that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public healthcare. Therefore Medical Valley Solutions acts as an internationally accepted specialist for ecosystem development with a broad toolbox to set up international healthcare ecosystems.

We offer

  • Development and implementation of suitable strategies and management tools for the settlement of national and international partners in the field of healthcare
  • Analysis of innovative German companies and technology which are interesting for international healthcare ecosystems
  • International marketing strategies and support for healthcare ecosystems
  • Configuration and business model creation for new healthcare related incubators
  • SWOT analysis of consisting healthcare related incubators
  • Organization of R&D joint projects including identification of national and international R&D grants as well as guideline compilation for the execution of R&D joint projects

A few of our clients

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Kotler Medical Park

Xuzhuang High-Tech Development Zone

Cluster de Technologias para a Saúde-RS

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Dr. Martin Reimer

Dr. Martin Reimer

Managing Director